Moving In

🏡 Move in day:

-Move in date: Saturday 8/26/2023 between 10am and 6pm

-You will receive your electronic door code via text message by 10am on 8/26/23-Parking permits will be hand delivered on 8/26/23 and 8/27/23

🗓 Can I move in early?:

Early move in is available for many properties Please reach out to us to make sure your unit is available, and if it is, complete the "Summer 2023 Extended Days Lease Extension" form, and return ASAP. All fees for early move in must be paid by 8/1/2023. All early move in paperwork is acknowledged, signed and returned to you. If you have returned it and not received an acknowledgement and the signed copy back, please check in with us ASAP. 

🚗 I still need a parking permit, can I get one?:

Parking spaces MAY still be available in selected lots. Please ask and we can let you know if your unit has open spaces. You can also purchase a street permit from the Boro of Indiana.  

📃 Renters Insurance: 

You are required to have renters insurance as part of your lease - you must send us via email the "dec page" by 8/1/2023. You may purchase it from the insurance company of your choice. Many of our tenants have used "Lemonade" and reported to us how easy it was to do. The policy must list your name (not your parents), the address of the unit you are moving into and "Nancy and James Doyle" as additional interest. Email to: If they ask for our mailing address, it is 668 Stony Hill Rd #159 Yardley Pa 19067.

🅿 Where can I park during move in? We suspend automatic towing from our lots on move in weekend (Saturday 8/26/2023 and Sunday 8/27/2023). Other private lots and the Boro of Indiana will continue to enforce their parking/towing regulations. We ask that you be courteous to other tenants and anyone helping them move in, shuffling of cars/trucks is very typical to accommodate a smooth move in for everyone. 

🛏 What if I'm bringing my own bed? You must notify us no later than 8/1/2023. We are unable to accommodate moving of beds on move in weekend.

Welcome to the Doyle Student Rental family! 

Moving Out

Click to download our Move Out Information document.