Welcome to Doyle Student Rentals!

So, you want to know more about Doyle Student Rentals before you rent from us? 

Awesome - because WHO you rent from matters… A LOT! The best thing about us (at least we think)… we are small enough to know each of our tenants, but are big enough to have a lot of cool and well cared for properties to choose from (45 units as of Fall 2024). So we really have something for everyone! You are not dealing with a large management company that has no idea who you are - you deal directly with the owner - who cares a whole lot about keeping tenants happy!

Our renovated units just don't look like typical student rentals! 

White walls…ummm not here! Bring on the color! Our units are fresh and bright! Old lumpy furniture that looks like it came from an old motel (because it probably did)? Not here, because our units all have nice modern furniture! Decrepit old units that look like what your parents lived in way back when (probably because they haven't been updated since then)? Not a chance, our units are, well, nice! (Please be patient with us as we transform the group of 16 units we purchased from another student landlord into fantastic units).

What do our prices look like?

We like to use a word called VALUE (because we pack in a lot of value and are right there in the middle of pricing). Our units are fresh, remodeled and well cared for. We include utilities (except wifi) - so you don't need to worry about paying for heat, electric, water, sewer or trash. We have a landscaping company that mows your lawn and shovels your main sidewalks (yeah, some places you rent, YOU do the landscaping - YUCK). We furnish our units with nice furniture - because we want you to be comfortable! We have parking available - most of it onsite and some select units with parking offsite (but very close). Laundry (like really, who likes doing it), most units have onsite laundry and a few select units have offsite laundry (as in at the end of their driveway in another one of our buildings). Oh yeah, and we accept financial aid (and don't make you jump through hoops to prove you need to use it). We don't charge application fees and we don't do credit checks (or charge for them).

How do you contact us?

Well, if you've every called or texted, you know we get back to you right away (it's just the way we are). We communicate with our tenants via text and portal (because really, who checks their email right away). And seriously, when you want an answer or to look at a property, who wants to wait days for a call back (not me!)?

Want to know more about us?

Here's your chance to meet us!

Nancy - she's the cute little chubby spiky red haired person who stars in the video tours. She loves camping, eating (but not cooking lol) and hanging out with her "kids". She will likely try to mother you if you're sick and is always up for chatting when she sees you out in the community.

Jim - he's the smiley bald guy who fixes what breaks and tells really bad "dad jokes". Humor him, he's super nice! He also likes camping and cooking (butter is a food group for him).

Tasha - she's the bubbly and fun oldest Doyle. You will find her working on her house or walking her big fluffy dog around town. She is also a twice grad of IUP - undergrad and Masters.

Alex - she's the creative genius behind this website and a graduate of IUP. She loves the outdoors, hiking and hanging out with friends.

Zoe - she's our chip off the old block so to speak - she owns her own rental business too, but only rents to residential tenants (families).

Paige - she's the bossy (in a good way) little one who likes helping with renovation projects and stages our units for photo shoots. #IUP2027

So now you know a little about us - give us a call or text and tell us how we can help you find just the right place to call your home away from home at IUP!